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A revolutionist, Utopian idealist and romantic as I can describe myself. I love adventures, walk the hard roads and take the risk but I will never sacrifice precious things for less worthy ones.I love my mother and some other mothers might love me!! I believe in God, as the one almighty who created all of us, and I do respect all curricula lead to him, in other words, I do respect and appreciate all religions and faiths. I also respect every decent and respected human being regardless of being a God believer or not. I send a message of love and peace to everyone on the planet since there is no room in my heart for hatred. 

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大宮 ・ 佐土原


大人英会話クラス 火 水 木 金 19:30 ~ 21:30



Visit Egypt

03/12/2011 16:07
    Cairo                 Pyramids &...
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Ogawa, Nishimera Slideshow: Sayed’s trip to 宮崎県, 九州・沖縄, 日本 was created by TripAdvisor. See another 宮崎県 slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.

Lovely Nature


Fall is here!

24/10/2013 21:50
My favorite season is fall! Fantastic weather; delicious foor and wonderful change of leaves' color make the season the best to enjoy in Japan. I was born in summer but I do enjoy fall more!

A happy news among disappointing and sad ones!!

02/04/2013 18:51
Egyptian soccer team under 20 won the African championship which was held in algeria recently. Finally some good news from Egypt!! Among the desperate conflicts of the politician in the country we can only pray for a better future to Egypt.

Back from the Hajj journey!

26/12/2012 22:28
Though unplanned nor expected I went on the amazing pilgrimage journey, the HAJJ in 2012. A trip which changed my life a lot and transfered me to a much better person as I feel and believe! Thanks to my mom who suggested the idea and accompanied me there, and all thanks and...

Egypt Tour

10/02/2012 14:18
      Cairo                 Pyramids &...

My picture"in love" won the first prize in Miyazaki International center's contest

11/12/2011 20:49
So excited that my picure "in love" got the first prize in the competition held by Miyazaki international center. The picture shows two horses though seperated in different stables, they stretch their necks over the fences and kiss each other. The commentary on the picture says, " Our love...


03/12/2011 13:40
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03/12/2011 03:38
Let's improve our foreign languages. Let's travel abroad. Let's talk Arts, Literature, sports and politics.
Miyazaki Slideshow: Sayedkun’s trip from カイロ, エジプト to 4 cities 宮崎市, 高千穂町, 日南市 and 日向市 was created by TripAdvisor. See another 日本 slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.